FeedDemon: Now Free News Feed Reader (and New Version)

If you have not heard, FeedDemon, the formerly commercial newsfeed reader, is now free. In fact, if you downloaded the free version when it was initially announced, you should re-download it again. The latest version is (the earlier one was

First impression: it’s quite a neat reader. It’s built-in viewer uses the embedded IE controls or something, which makes it less than ideal if you’re trying to avoid IE due to its security issues. You can make it launch an external browser like Firefox or Opera for external links if you wish, but the internal viewer, which is used to display the feed contents cannot be configured to use FF or Opera. Other than those things, well, if you’ve seen one feed reader, you’ve seen them all.

(Of course Opera has its own feed reader built-in, so I guess Opera users probably aren’t really the target audience anyway.)

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