The Irritating Thing About QuickTime

I just updated QuickTime to 7.4. The new version has some security fixes, so if you haven’t updated, and have it installed, it’s probably safer to update.

I hate updating QuickTime though. The stupid installer always resets all the File and MIME associations on every single update. I mean, it will not remember the previous settings that I have made. I have to go through the whole rigmarole again at the end of each install to unset the associations that it has taken the liberty to reassociate again.

I won’t mind so much if there weren’t so many updates. Man, this software probably has more holes than swiss cheese, judging from the frequency of updates. With such frequent updates, Apple should make updating the software painless – don’t reset all those settings we have configured in a previous version.

Update: there’s more to it than I thought. See my later entry.

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2 Responses to The Irritating Thing About QuickTime

  1. […] still reeling from their last update, with its refusal to accept my File and MIME settings and its stupid upgrader that resets everything. Honestly, I have better things to do than to keep updating QuickTime and fixing all the stupid […]

  2. […] 7.4 Does Not Respect User Settings It’s worse than I thought previously. In this latest version of QuickTime, even if you configure QuickTime not to associate itself with […]

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