WordPress.com Limitations

I seem to be making a lot of posts about my current blog host. The trouble is that I sort of discover these things as I use the platform. There was no list of things that are different between a normal WordPress installation and the one provided by WordPress.com. The latest thing I found was that the main page’s “Posted in: (category name)” link does not lead to my list of categories on my own site. Instead, it despicably leads to wordpress.com’s own category list. Horrible.

I thought I already dealt with this when I stopped using “tags” and started using “categories”, but it looks like WordPress.com is determined to make all our WordPress.com blogs link to them. I may have to move my blog back to a normal web host. My old web host, which I mentioned in my first post, is trying to fix the problems in its server, and by some reports, the server is apparently up again. I mean, at least on my own account, I can configure the template properly and not have all these sneaky links on my site linking to other sites out of the blue.

Update: I’ve decided to add my own “Filed under” links under my posts. It’s a bit tedious to have to do things that the downloadable WordPress software does automatically, but at least it’s better than nothing. A good side effect of this is that at least the categories show up in my permalink pages.

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4 Responses to WordPress.com Limitations

  1. raincoaster says:

    Yes, that is how WP.com works and the only way to get OFF the global tag pages is to ask to have your blog placed in the Mature category.

  2. florafaunarocks says:

    raincoaster – Thanks for the info. I didn’t know that. But I don’t think I want my blog listed as “Mature”. 🙂 Seems a tad extreme just to get off the global tag pages.

  3. […] Update: it’s worse than that. See my later post. […]

  4. […] I first started, I noticed that it plugged in links to its own tag pages into my blog posts. […]

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