Dating from the Command Line Lens of a Unix Geek

Unix shell commands have always been known for their terse syntax. But if you string together a few Unix shell commands, it is possible for you to form a command line description of a dating relationship (of the boy-girl kind, not the carbon dating kind).

who && gawk && uname && talk && date && wine && touch && unzip && strip && touch && finger && head && mount && fsck && more && yes; yes; more; yes; umount && make clean && sleep

Disclaimer: These are just commands commonly found in Unix systems. Anything you read into this is purely in your mind.

(For the non-Unix users, you can find the manual page for each of these commands by searching on Google. For example, to find what the “gawk” command does, search for “gawk man page”.)

Adapted from Command Life Partner Wanted.

Filed in: Humor, Linux.


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