Linux Moves into Schools in Philippines and Why It’s Good

23,000 Linux PCs have just been deployed in schools in Philippines. This is great news. I’m hoping that the momentum continues and that Microsoft does not somehow pay (is “bribe” the right word here?) their way into reversing this somehow.

I think it’s important that Linux becomes a real threat to Windows. When MSDOS was in its heyday, with no competitors, it stagnated. But along came DR-DOS 5, and instantly, development in MS-DOS restarted again, with useful improvements that advanced the OS significantly. Without Linux as a threat, the only OSes we’ll get from Microsoft are things like Vista. Resource hog, incompatibility and massive DRM riddled into the system. We need Linux, not only for itself, but also to improve the state of OSes all round.

But of course, ideally, Linux replaces Windows. But I don’t think this will happen soon, unless Microsoft continues their blunders and Linux actually gets some third-party applications and commercial software developed for it.

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