Nokia to Buy TrollTech (Maker of Qt Used in KDE)

There’s an announcement at Trolltech’s site about how Nokia has made a bid to buy TrollTech. It’s only January, and this is already the second acquisition of a major company providing core open source components needed by many, the first being MySQL.

I’m not against change. It may seem like I am, since I expressed queasiness about the MySQL acquisition, but I’m not, in principle. However, acquisitions of software companies have a habit of killing the product somehow. Like when AOL took over Netscape. Where is Netscape now? Or when the Watcom C++ compiler was bought by Sybase. The product died, and if not for the open source community’s effort to get it open sourced, that product will be ancient history by now. And so on. Somehow, the acquiring company rarely shares the original makers’ vision and energy. And Nokia? Good grief.

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