Domain Tasting Swan Song: Good Riddance

Remember how I reviled Network Solutions’ policy of stealing domains from people who checked them out at their site? Well, it looks like this kind of domain tasting activity, practised by unscrupulous operators like NetSol, is about to end. In the ICANN board meeting this month, the body governing domain names decided that they will apply fees to domain tasting activity as well.

Domain tasting is basically the thing that NetSol took advantage of. It allowed them to register a domain name without paying a cent, provided they returned the domain name within a few days (I forget the exact length). It was meant to protect the registrars from credit card fraud and things like that, so that they don’t have to pay fees for domains where the registrant used a fake credit card. The whole thing has been badly abused by people everywhere, including the latest, notorious incident involving NetSol.

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