Spam Blogs

If you’re reading this entry on a blog that is not (that is, florafaunarocks dot WordPress Dot com), then chances are that the blog you’re reading is one of those spam blogs. The despicable owners of such blogs use programs that grab new posts, then reposts them with some modifications on their own blog. There are an incredible number of them “surfing” around, with the result that any post I make automatically gets reposted somewhere else. It’s very irritating, not to mention a copyright infringement.

It’s easy to spot such blogs. The idiots send pingbacks to your blog, which the Akismet filter automatically catches. Just check your spam comments and you’ll see them. Perhaps should try to collect the IP addresses of all these bots and block them. That’ll clean up things a lot. Maybe we should all report these blogs to Google to get them blocked from the search engine, and kicked out of AdSense.

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2 Responses to Spam Blogs

  1. Vivian says:

    hey regarding the spam thing, you’ll like this paid postage spam revenge

  2. […] musing aloud. And I’m sure the scraper sites will again grab this post and place it on their site. If you read this post on a site other than […]

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