Vista’s Attempt at a Comeback

I suppose everyone has heard by now: Vista Service Pack 1 will be released to the unwashed masses in March this year. In fact, it’s ready, but Microsoft doesn’t want to release it as yet because of conflicts with certain drivers. They hope that by March, the device manufacturers would have changed their drivers to work with the new service pack.

Vista has so far been a dud, and poorly received by many. We’ll see if this Service Pack (SP) changes anyone’s perception of Vista. I think there will be some who think that everything’s going to be all right now, although others who know that the performance fixes don’t really fix the slow copy/delete operations will not be overly enthusiastic about Vista.

I’m taking a wait-and-see attitude, while sticking to XP. If I can, I may even wait out the entire Vista cycle and go for Windows 7 or whatever it’s going to be called. I need stability and speed in my work, and the new features in Vista (the pretty face upgrade) is just not worth the aggravation that I have to endure.

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One Response to Vista’s Attempt at a Comeback

  1. […] While I know that there are many superior Windows Explorer replacements around, until then, Explorer suited my needs fine. I don’t understand the Vista team. Why is Vista’s usability so much worse than XP’s usability? Was it designed by a committee? (You know the saying, a camel is a horse designed by a committee.) The downhill slide towards lower usability in Vista is reflected in many other aspects of its interface. Did anyone at Microsoft actually try to measure their productivity loss when they migrated to Vista? Did anyone at Microsoft even use Vista daily for their actual work before releasing the OS? They need to eat their own dogfood before releasing it. Else the irritations of the OS will only be discovered when users try it out, and then they will give the OS a bad reputation. […]

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