The Incessantly Updating Software: Another Day, Another Version – QuickTime and WordPress

I hate being plagued by software that continually has to be updated with security fixes. I mean, normal upgrades to add features or fix ordinary, non-security bugs are fine – they don’t force you to upgrade all your affected machines at all odd hours of the day or week. Ordinary new versions are like upgrade-if-you-wish sort of things. Security fixes are like upgrade-or-you-die. (Exaggeration, of course.)

Take the case of QuickTime. They just came up with another update. Version 7.4.1. I’m still reeling from their last update, with its refusal to accept my File and MIME settings and its stupid upgrader that resets everything. Honestly, I have better things to do than to keep updating QuickTime and fixing all the stupid problems a new install creates. But it has to be done because they are security fixes. Of course I don’t really know whether the latest update includes a security fix – the Apple site doesn’t say. Or if it does, they’ve hidden the list of fixes in a non-obvious location. How does a company that is famous for its user-friendly Mac create such a user-unfriendly software with a user-unfriendly website?

And then there is WordPress, with its newest version 2.3.3, just released. This blog is hosted on, so updates are automatically taken care of by the web host. But I have another blog running the WordPress software, on a host that goes down repeatedly. With that blog, no month feels complete without a new WordPress update. It happens so frequently that I can virtually upgrade it in my sleep. If not for the rave reviews of WordPress in blog software shootouts, I’ll probably just try another software.

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