Please Release Your Version History with New Versions

Do you notice how some software authors take the trouble to write a change log for new versions of their software, while some like Adobe and QuickTime don’t?

The trouble with not releasing version histories is that your users don’t know what you’ve fixed or not in your software. Maybe you think that by doing this, you can compel them to quickly update your software. Think again. We’re all very busy people. We don’t have time to worry about your software 24 hours a day the way you, the software author, do. If you don’t release a version history or changelog, chances are that we’ll just think that there’s nothing really important that has changed, and ignore the update till we have more time. After all, we’ve lived with your previous version and survived.

If you list the bug fixed including the security hole, your users will be better informed. They can then assess whether they should immediately apply the fix, or whether it can wait till the weekend or some other less critical time when problems won’t affect daily business.

So don’t be lazy or blockheaded. Give us a version history.

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