The Glorious Contempt WordPress Theme

Well, after living for nearly 2 months with the default WordPress theme, which I complained about in the past, I’ve finally bitten the bullet and changed the theme to one called “Contempt”. This theme has the advantage of having two columns even on the post pages, so that they will also contain the Recent Posts list and so on. The default theme does not. With this theme, I think my blog finally meets all the criteria on the blog theme design checklist.

As you can see it looks more or less like the default Kubrick theme, which suits me fine.

How to Get the Contempt Theme with Widget Support

The Contempt theme as implemented in the hosted allows you to add widgets to the side panel. Try as you might, you will not be able to find the contempt theme in the usual WordPress theme repository – or at least I couldn’t find it. If you look for the Contempt theme in Google, you will be directed to the author’s site that allows you to download the theme files – but that set does not allow you to add widgets from the WordPress interface.

To get the version that gives you the widget support, go to the WordPress SVN for the Contempt theme and download every single file and directory. Keep the directory structure when you place install the theme into your blog.

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3 Responses to The Glorious Contempt WordPress Theme

  1. shereadsbooks says:

    You can find it if you look under “two-column” or “custom header”. You just can’t find it if you’ve currently got it implemented.

    I use contempt too and like it a lot. I just wish it had three columns…

  2. florafaunarocks says:

    I’m curious. Why 3 columns? What do you want to put in the 3rd column?

  3. maria says:

    can u please send me the comments.php file?!?!

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