Vista SP 1 for MSDN and Technet Subscribers OutCry

When Microsoft announced that MSDN and Technet subscribers would only get Vista SP 1 in March along with everyone else, there was a huge outcry. After all, the MSDN and Technet subscribers are the programmers and technical staff that have to handle Vista issues or perhaps even do the SP 1 rollout themselves. Not giving them time to evaluate SP 1 beforehand is ridiculous, since they will have to test to make sure that SP 1 works well with their software and systems.

Following the outcry, Microsoft posted an update to say that SP 1 will be available to subscribers at the end of the month. While this is certainly better than having the SP 1 at the same time as the general availability date, it is still extremely late, since the end of February means the beginning of March. (Aren’t they the same thing?) In any case, if it’s slightly earlier than the public release, the time given to the people who need to test/evaluate SP 1 is still too short. It’s interesting that the journalists can get SP 1 earlier than the people who need to support it.

It begins to look more and more like Microsoft really doesn’t like its customers. Only monopolies can treat their customers like dirt and get away with it.

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3 Responses to Vista SP 1 for MSDN and Technet Subscribers OutCry

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