RIAA Breaks the Law But Expects You to Obey It

According to a judge, RIAA was not behaving correctly when it joined lawsuits against multiple John Doe defendants in one lawsuit. I guess this is not really news to those of you who have been following the news about RIAA’s continued persecution of music fans. They expect others to follow the law when it suits them, but themselves break it with impunity.

I actually don’t believe in music piracy, in spite of what you may think when you read my opening paragraph. I think that copyright laws serve a useful purpose, which is why when I first heard that Coelho was releasing his books for free on the Internet, I wanted to check to make sure that it was really true before I drew attention to it.

What I cannot stand is big corporations abusing their power, which is what I see nowadays with RIAA and MPAA abusing the legal system in its pursuit of more wealth. I mean, what do you make of RIAA’s illegal use of Media Sentry in its investigations? Where’s their credibility when they themselves break the law?

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One Response to RIAA Breaks the Law But Expects You to Obey It

  1. […] to flout the law, operating illegally, despite a cease and desist order from a court. This is no surprise to me, since RIAA and MediaSentry have garnered reputations of being the hoodlums of the Internet. The […]

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