Boycott Trend Micro and Neuter the Software Patent Laws

Last month, I wrote about how Trend Micro is attacking the open source ClamAV indirectly with its lawsuit. Naturally, open source advocates are not taking this lying down. There’s now a call to boycott Trend Micro products.

Personally, I think Trend Micro is pretty silly to attack open source stuff. People who have done that in the past have rarely fared well: the poster child for that is SCO, which went bankrupt. The entire Linux community rallied to dig up evidence against SCO. It never had a chance. But of course, it didn’t have a case in the first place, either.

If you want open source software to be protected against stupid patent lawsuits, you should join the boycott. If commercial companies find that there are consequences each time they file a patent lawsuit directly or indirectly against open source software, we can effectively nullify the stupid law that allows software patents. Software patents should never have been allowed in the first place. If the legislators are too much in the control of the big companies to remove software patents, we can at least neuter the law by providing a backlash every time software patents are used against open source stuff.

So let me join the chorus of voices: boycott Trend Micro.

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