Conclusion: Pharmaceuticals, Gambling and Insurance Companies Love to Spam

Although the Akismet spam filter does an admirable job of deleting the comment spam that infests my blog, I decided to take a look at the spam in order to categorize them. Since I delete the spam on a regular basis, I only have today’s sample to look at.

As far as I can tell, the spam are all about pharmaceuticals, casinos and auto/life insurance. Obviously the spammers must find getting traffic for such items lucrative, which means that companies that provide such stuff must be paying for the advertisements on these spammers’ sites or something. In other words, these companies are indirectly, or even directly, financing spam. Why do they not remove these affiliates that spam? Could it be that the spam is paying off for these companies so they allow it to happen? Or are they the ones spamming in the first place?

Just musing aloud. And I’m sure the scraper sites will again grab this post and place it on their site. If you read this post on a site other than (FloraFaunaRocks dot WordPress dot com), the site you read it on is run by a spammer.

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