Vilana Financial,Inc’s “Bullying Tactics”

Gregerson wrote about how Vilana Financial and Vilana Realty used his photo without permission and then tried to bully him when he accused them of infringing his copyright. They then sued him for $1 million dollars for defammation. He countersued and won the case.

Incidentally, in case you think the title was in my own words, they were actually the words of the judge about Vilana’s letter demanding that Gregerson take down his just accusation: she said that the letter “…appears to be a bullying tactic designed to cause Gregerson to refrain from making statements which Vilana knew Gregerson was entitled to make.”

Actually, the judge apparently had a lot to say about the character of Vilana’s president Andrew Vilenchik (quote taken from Gregerson’s site):

Vilenchik’s testimony was inconsistent and full of contradictions (Findings of Fact no. 14)…Vilenchik’s credibility was further undermined through the character testimony of several witnesses during trial…[one witness testified] Vilenchik has a reputation for being highly deceptive and saying one thing and then doing another. (Findings of Fact no. 15).

There’s more. Note that in the quote below, the “Defendants” refer to Vilana.

… the statement that Defendants were suspected of fraud and forgery was a true statement of fact…

Wow. I didn’t know that judges were so point-blank in pointing out the fraudulentness and untrustworthiness of the characters of people in a civil suit.

I’m glad Gregerson won the suit. But perhaps he should have got a lawyer. After all, when he won the suit, Vilana would have had to pay his legal costs. Anything to jack up the costs for people who think they can abuse the legal system to bully the underdog.

By the way, I only quoted a small fraction of the juicy bits. You should read it for yourself.

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