Pakistan and the YouTube Blackout Debacle

News about Pakistan banning YouTube beccause of content that it deemed offensive to Islam, and then accidentally blocking YouTube from the world as a result of the use of erroneous internet protocols is probably old hat by now.

The thing that puzzles me is that such a thing is actually possible. That is, it is possible for an ISP to hijack the address of a website located in some server not located in its country, and block that entire server from the Internet. Wasn’t the Internet designed to be more robust than that? Wasn’t it created initially as a sort of defence network for the US or something? So much for the fabled routing abilities of the Internet.

So what’s to stop one country at war with another from taking out the other country’s entire Internet infrastructure? Without access to the Internet, can they even hope to repair the damage?

Actually, these are just questions. I don’t know the answers [sheepish grin].

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