Google: Don’t Accept OOXML – Low Quality and Doesn’t Meet Standards

Ars Technica has an article on how Google has told the ISO committee members that OOXML is “an insufficient and unnecessary standard” that “doesn’t meet the criteria required for a globally-accepted standard”. There are also some technical issues with OOXML like its use of Windows-specific binary blobs for printer configuration data (whatever they are). “Google does not feel that DIS 29500 is of sufficient quality to qualify as an ISO standard and we urge the National Bodies to vote ‘no’ on the fast-tracking of this specification.”

Hopefully a call from a big and reputable company like Google will be heeded.

OOXML is Microsoft’s attempt to make sure its proprietary document format gets standardization. It’s trying to prevent ODF, which is the open document format used by many software, from being used by governments and companies everywhere because it wants its Office software to be the only software available everywhere. Once the latter is true, it will have a stranglehold on the industry and control the pricing.

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