Microsoft: Vista is a Disaster – Microsoft Internal Emails Dissected

It appears from Microsoft’s internal email, which were submitted as court evidence in a US class action lawsuit against Microsoft, that the release of Vista had many issues.

  • Microsoft employees themselves, including their senior executives like Vice President Mike Nash, got fooled by the Vista Capable sticker on computers. “I personally got burned,” he said, in a widely reported message. His purchase, a computer with a Vista Capable sticker, was unable to run the Aero interface. “I now have a $2100 email machine,” was his verdict.
  • Driver problems abound. As every one knows.
  • “Massive changes in the underpining for video and audio led to a really poor experience at RTM, especially with respect to Windows Media Center. This change led to incompatibilities,” was a message from Steven Sinofsky. This, in my opinion, is putting it mildly.

Incidentally, while reading about this matter, I came across this interesting tidbit of information: Microsoft plans to solve the confusion among consumers about the numerous Vista versions by adding even more versions, this time differentiated by geography. Yes, sir. These are the geniuses that gave you Vista. Did you expect any less?

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