Foreign Company’s Domain Disabled for Allowing Foreigners Legal Access to Cuba

The domain name registrar eNom has apparently disabled access to Steve Marshall’s travel agency website at the US Treasury Dept’s behest. Marshall is an English travel agent catering to European travelers. The US Treasury didn’t like that he allowed travelers access to Cuba, so they requested eNom to shut down his website by taking his domain off the map. Which they did.

This move reminds me of the attempt of the Julius Baer Bank (of the money laundering scandal and censorship notoriety) to censor Wikileaks by taking the domain off the map. In this case, I fail to see how the US Treasury can have the authority to take out the domain name of a foreign company doing what is legal in his country. And they didn’t even go through a court and eNom just caved in.

Is it even legal for a domain registrar to do something like that? Isn’t this is breach of contract or something? Can anyone trust domain registrars situated in US anymore if any Tom, Dick or Harry can simply waltz in and disable a domain even if it’s of a foreign company doing legal things?

I’m disgusted at the registrar. But I don’t think the other registrars are any better. They cave in at the first sign of trouble. No, that’s not right – they cave in if you even look at them funny.

Anyway, according to NY Times, some of his sites are still accessible, such as

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2 Responses to Foreign Company’s Domain Disabled for Allowing Foreigners Legal Access to Cuba

  1. ecsd says:

    Considering that you have to pound and pound on Domain Registrars to get them to delist SPAMMER DOMAINS (for selling viagra, sex, porno, etc.) and they often ignore you:

    Corruption rules. Say goodbye to Free Speech in this country – you won’t be allowed to exist to be found if you run afoul of the Neocon Mentality because America no longer cares about truth, process, the Law, etc.

    Let’s look forward to the time we can loudly and publicly FIRE and RETIRE all agents of the government who attack Freedom as our Government has learned to love to do.

  2. […] of this blog may remember that eNom is the registrar that voluntarily killed a foreign company’s domain for doing something that was legal in their country and many…, without even a court […]

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