Return of the Undead: SCO Still Lives to be the Scourge of the Earth

Now that SCO has had $100 million injected into it by a new sucker, it’s raring to strike back again at IBM and Novell. It will appeal the decision made by the court against it. It had tried to claim that Linux infringed on its copyright but was unable to show the court which lines of code in Linux corresponded with those from its Unix source. Later on, when it tried to take on Novell as well, Novell proved that SCO didn’t even own the copyright to Unix in the first place.

In the end, instead of winning a billion dollars from the lawsuit for their claim that IBM did not respect their intellectual property, it was found that they owed millions of dollars to Novell for not respecting Novell’s intellectual property.

SCO returns to the scene without its Head Vampire CEO Darl McBride, but I’m sure substitutes of such (low) caliber are not difficult to find in the underworld company. As they and their latest victim investor work together, I am sure they can manage to lose a few more million dollars.

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