New Wikileaks Exposé: eNom’s Domain Privacy Protection is a Sham

Wikileaks has revealed that eNom’s domain Privacy Protection “is a sham”. eNom’s lawyer was quoted as saying:

When complaints are received, we have a very low threshold for turning over the underlying information of the party. Basically anybody mentioning the word copyright or trademark or bought or anything can be sent the underlying contact information…

It gets worse than that – “Wikileaks has discovered a previously unreported eNom proposal from last year to bulk-release customer records to government agencies”. The quote below comes from Wikileaks:

eNom’s idea is to encrypt registrant’s confidential information and attach it to every public “whois” record. This would allow law enforcement, or anyone else with a decryption key, to obtain all confidential records automatically.

Readers of this blog may remember that eNom is the registrar that voluntarily killed a foreign company’s domain for doing something that was legal in their country and many parts of the world, without even a court order.

Wikileaks is calling for a boycott of this domain registrar. The registrar has also recently killed the domain.

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2 Responses to New Wikileaks Exposé: eNom’s Domain Privacy Protection is a Sham

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  2. […] does anyone even use Network Solutions? Together with eNom and GoDaddy, they are probably the worst registrars in the […]

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