Arthur C Clarke Dies

Arthur C Clarke, one of my favorite sci fi authors during my childhood, has died. He was 90. He died at 1.30am (local time) on March 18, in Sri Lanka, where he stayed. MSNBC has a brief biography if you’re interested, or you can check up Wikipedia’s entry.

Clarke and Asimov were the earliest sci fi authors that I was introduced to as a child, and I gobbled up as many of their works as I could find. Those were the days before the Internet, so I could only rely on the local bookstore, which was pretty science-fiction averse. wasn’t around for me to order in those days. I can’t really pinpoint a particular story that I liked best, not even the Rama series or the 2001 books, but I generally enjoyed them all.

Now the last of the two of them are gone. I feel really old – all my childhood idols passing away. And I can’t account for this feeling of sadness. I didn’t know him personally at all.

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