Can We Trust Apple Enough to Install Safari?

With my ongoing struggles getting QuickTime to respect my file associations – which continues right up to QuickTime 7.4.1 by the way – as well as the problems others have of uninstalling QuickTime – you can’t; not successfully anyway – I wonder whether I dare to install Safari for Windows.

It’s not like I love to dabble in danger. I just want to see what my site looks like in Safari, as recommended by one reviewer. Besides, I want to see what this new-fangled font rendering thingie looks like.

But I don’t know if I dare to trust Apple again. After all, I installed QuickTime, and look what I got. Version 7.4.1 now respects (I think) the MIME settings. But it still refuses to allow my file settings to stick. And what with others’ problems with getting rid of QuickTime – the uninstaller apparently only uninstalls the entry in the Control Panel and does not actually uninstall anything else – I don’t know if I’m getting another nuisance-ware or idiotware onto my machine if I install Safari.

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One Response to Can We Trust Apple Enough to Install Safari?

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