Why I Love and Hate April Fool’s Day

I hate April Fool’s Day.

  • It’s the day where I can’t just read the latest tech news headlines to get the gist of the newest updates. I have to read the articles one by one in detail to find out which is real and which is just a prank.
  • The day is usually a bust when it comes to staying up to date. Just about every other site is chock full of April Fool’s Day jokes. It’s hard to get reliable, real news.

I love April Fool’s Day.

  • Some of the jokes are really hilarious. It’s a good day for relaxation and a laugh.
  • Google’s April Fool’s Day jokes are particularly good. There’s no chance that you’ll fall for it, but it’s all very humorous. It’s tastefully done. Unlike some of the crap that passes for a joke.

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One Response to Why I Love and Hate April Fool’s Day

  1. […] K has responded in a Wired interview. I don’t know if it’s real, since it was posted on April Fool’s day, but it looks real. The update is that Creative has relented and allowed him to release the […]

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