Daniel K (of the Creative Driver Fiasco Fame) Says GoodBye

Daniel K, who fixed the buggy Creative drivers for Audigy and X-Fi when Creative refused, has bowed out of the Creative forum. Or at least I think that’s what the “goodbye” is for – it isn’t really clear whether it is for the forum or for fixing Creative’s drivers.

And there’re updates on the driver situation:

Unfortunately, the situation did not change for us.

They did say an updated Audigy driver would eventually be released, but don’t be optimistic about it (their priority is the launch of X-Fi 2).

What I can say for sure is the features I’ve enabled will not be made available in an official driver update.

In other words, Creative will not fix their existing drivers. If you want a working sound card in Vista, your only solution at the moment is to buy a non-Creative card. After such a huge uproar and bad press, I wonder why Creative insists on continuing to dig their own graves. Even I, a former fan of SoundBlaster – from SoundBlaster 16 all the way up to Audigy 2, am looking for an alternative brand.

Anyone know of any good sound card?

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