Woman Who Married 4 Times Before 24 in Interesting Circumstances: And You Thought Soap Operas Were Unrealistic

The Scottish Daily Record has an article about a woman who married 4 times before the age of 24. That’s not the unusual thing though.

Her first husband ran off to marry her mother. The second person who was to be her husband got cold feet, and left before the marriage. His best man married her in the end. At that time, she was pregnant with either the best man’s child, or the second absconded prospective husband’s child, or perhaps the best man’s friend’s child. Her third marriage was to a man who was a bigamist, and so the marriage was annulled.

At the fourth wedding outside the registrar, a local teenager saw her and shouted, ‘Alison, is that you at it again? Arbroath will run out of men if you keep going at this rate.’

And you thought soap operas were ridiculous.

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