J K Rowling: The Case of Money and Fame Getting into an Author’s Head

I guess some people can’t really deal with the fame and fortune that comes when they rise from rags to riches. Orson Scott Card joins the ranks of the many people who have criticized J K Rowling for her lawsuit against the Harry Potter Lexicon. And he makes lots of very accurate and damming comments too.

Some of the points he raised were:

  1. The lexicon is a commentary on her work that adds value to it. Rowling herself had consulted it in the past.
  2. Rowling’s Harry Potter books has borrowed lots of stuff from others’ books, including Orson Scott Card’s own Ender’s series.
  3. She is now out of ideas and steam, and has nothing to do. Idle hands are a devil’s tools and all that.

Learn the lesson before you get rich and famous, and don’t get struck by Rowlingitis.

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