Did Network Solutions’ Security Flaws Allow Comcast’s Domain to be Stolen?

The recent Comcast’s domain name theft, where two kids took over the domain name and redirected it to another site, may reveal problems in Network Solutions that are just the tip of the iceberg.

The kids said that their technique “relied on a flaw at the Virginia-based domain registrar”. A poster on Slashdot, in a post called “Everything old is new again” said that Network Solutions has had this flaw for a long time. His site tells how his own domains were stolen while on Network Solutions too, and how “Network Solutions were of no help” in helping him regain his domains back, so he had to “steal” them back again.

So here’s the tally sheet of Network Solutions’ problems:

  1. They hijack subdomains hosted with them.
  2. They steal domains from people who search for one at their site, thus getting sued for it.
  3. And now, if these people are right, they allow domains bought from them to be stolen by others.

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