PlaceboAV: The Free Antivirus that Makes You Feel Good

Doxdesk’s joke antivirus, PlaceboAV, is making its rounds in a number of forums lately. Here’s what the author says:

Today’s AV is a dead loss. But you can’t simply not install any, or everyone will complain. That’s where PlaceboAV comes in! It’s the fantasic anti-virus solution that’s super-fast and absolutely reliable… because it does nothing at all.

It works fabulously because it has zero impact on your system performance, displays an icon in the system tray, updates its definitions blindingly fast, doesn’t need an internet connection for updating, and is only 56 KB.

It’s good for a laugh, though I think some people in the forums think the writer is making a point about the ineffectiveness of the current state of antivirus technology. I personally think it’s just a joke.

Anyway, if you want a real antivirus, there are many real free antivirus programs around.

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