Opera 9.52 Released: Slightly More Usable than 9.51

Opera has never been good with major new versions of its browsers. All the x.0 releases are bug-ridden. x.01 aren’t much better. It takes numerous versions before it is stable and usable.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m an Opera user. I’ve used it since 5.0. Hell, I even paid for the software back when you could buy it.

I thought when 9.5 was released, what could go wrong? After all, it’s not a x.0 release, but a x.5. WRONG. It was buggy as hell. Secure sites could not be opened. Opera crashed frequently.

With 9.52, some of the bigger bugs have been crushed. I can now surf to the secure sites that previously hung in Opera. But the browser is still not very stable. In fact, it crashed on me while I was making this post and googling in another tab.

I should never have upgraded from 9.27, but wait till 9.53 or 9.54. Oh well.

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3 Responses to Opera 9.52 Released: Slightly More Usable than 9.51

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  2. I have also used Opera for months but I found many problems in it. In my opinion firefox is more stable browser.

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