WordPress 2.6.2 Released

WordPress 2.6.2 has been released. At this time, I can’t seem to find the release notes on the site, but judging from the proximity to the 2.6.1 release, my guess is that it fixes security problems.

Since there are no release notes yet, the quick way to upgrade WordPress referred to in my previous post can’t be used.

I don’t have to update this blog on WordPress.com, but I’ve got another one with a normal WP install to update. So much for getting a life. I’m a slave to technology.

Update: Yes It’s a Security Fix

I was right. It looks like 2.6.2 is a security fix. Here’s apparently what’s new in 2.6.2.

If you allow open registration on your blog, you should definitely upgrade. With open registration enabled, it is possible in WordPress versions 2.6.1 and earlier to craft a username such that it will allow resetting another user’s password to a randomly generated password. The randomly generated password is not disclosed to the attacker, so this problem by itself is annoying but not a security exploit. However, this attack coupled with a weakness in the random number seeding in mt_rand() could be used to predict the randomly generated password.

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