Will WordPress.com Please Provide Us Better Web Statistics?

Yesterday, when I looked at the HTML code for my blog on WordPress.com, I noticed that WordPress.com put some Google Analytics tracking code into the blog. As a blogger, I have no access to that data. Instead, I have the smidgen of information WordPress deigns to reveal in its half-baked, brain-dead stats report. And I can’t even put my own Google Analytics code, because JavaScript is not allowed.

Come on, guys, since you have the data, make it available to us.

For example, after posting my review of Chrome, I’m curious to know what percentage of my readers use Chrome. Ars Technica wrote that Chrome has a 7% browser share on their site. I want to know the Chrome browser share for my blog too.

I also want other details. Mouth-watering details provided by other software. As it is, I can only drool.

So can we have better stats? Please? Pretty please?

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