Has StupidCensorship Been Hacked?

Has Stupid Censorship (WARNING: do not click), an anonymous proxy site, been hacked? When I visited it this morning and tried to get it to surf to another site, it redirected me to another form on another site: scarcup.com, which has a self-signed cert, and which asked me to re-submit the form from their site. Highly suspicious behavior. I didn’t dare proceed any further. I don’t want to risk opening my computer to viruses and spyware.

I then took a look at the WHOIS for the domain and found that, voila, scarcup.com uses a private registration, in contrast to stupidcensorship.com and peacefire.org. Also, thefreecountry’s anonymous proxy list, which was where I learned of the proxy before, seems to have delisted stupidcensorship.

So, have they been hacked? Or were they always like this?

There seems to be an awful number of hacked sites these days.

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One Response to Has StupidCensorship Been Hacked?

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