Monopolies: The Google Abuse of Power

October 22, 2008

Blogoscoped is on the rampage to expose a couple of what they regard as Google’s unfair practices as a monopoly:

  • Google Uses Public Service Ads to Link to Own Election Page – where Google uses other websites’ advertising space to advertise its election biases without paying them. They abuse a feature designed for other purposes to this end.
  • Another one where Google gets webmasters to treat Google specially while hypocritically saying that webmasters are to treat all visitors and bots the same.

They are not the first to try to expose Google’s hypocrisies. There are other examples having to do with how Google favors big companies by allowing them to spam the search engine index but penalizes small websites.

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The Return of the Crash-Prone Opera: 9.6

October 15, 2008

Opera 9.6 is even more crash prone as its previous version 9.52, if that’s possible. It even twice froze my machine solid. I had to power down to solve it.

I wish the Opera developers will fix their unstable browser. I was on the verge of switching to Firefox back when I was using 9.50 and 9.51. I hope that I won’t have to spend half my surfing time in Firefox again.

Hmm… I wonder if there’s a Firefox add-on so that I can configure the keyboard in Firefox.

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It’s Official: Next Version of Windows to be Called Windows 7

October 14, 2008

It’s official. Microsoft has announced that the next version of Windows, currently codenamed ‘Windows 7’, is to be named… wait for it, drums roll… ‘Windows 7’.

Hopefully it will be a much better OS than the disaster known as Vista. I think Vista has eclipse the horrors of Windows ME in my mind.

My other posts on Vista:

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Why is My Exported Posts XML Smaller?

October 9, 2008

I just added a new post to my blog, and exported the posts as usual for backup on my computer. And I noticed that the new export was about 300 kb smaller than my previous export, which is supposed to contain fewer posts. Why? I didn’t prune any comments or delete any spam or edit any other posts.

Did delete something from my export file? Why is it smaller when it should be bigger? Is there a bug somewhere?

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Opera 9.6 released

October 9, 2008

Opera 9.6 has been released. Hopefully it’s more stable than the crash-prone 9.52. It’s a recommended upgrade, because it contains security fixes.

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