Careless Talk Costs Lives

November 22, 2008

The “careless talk costs lives” cliche from Hollywood movies may not be true in real life, as opposed to reel life, but such talk does have a price tag.

I realized that my own careless talk has brought about a big problem for someone dear to me. She confided in me, and I confided in a family member. That family member inadvertantly leaked the information. And now the person who shared to me faces big problems.

Even though that family member broke my confidence, the fault does not lie with that person. It lies with me. The confidence was not mine to share in the first place. The second party who hears that information does not have the relationship of trust with the original party. When I shared the information, I have in effect already broken the confidence.

I guess I’m not saying anything that makes sense, since I’m not revealing any details to help it make sense. But this breach of confidence is weighing heavily on me, and I can’t get in touch with the person whom I broke confidence with to apologize.

Unfortunately, there’s no catharsis in writing either.

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Google’s Greatest Fear and Archilles’ Heel: New Developments

November 20, 2008

Google’s archilles’ heel is its dependence on links to indicate authority of a website. Which is why it makes so much noise about paid links, whereas the other search engines don’t really care.

The newest fracas came about as a result of the formation of a new company that promises to connect link buyers with link sellers. Predictably, this brought out Matt Cutts, Google’s part time mouthpiece and full time web spam engineer, who denounced the practice as illegal or some such thing. In response, others like Jeremy Schoemaker, of Shoemoney fame, called out Google’s hypocrisy in the whole thing. It’s illegal when others do it, but when Google does it, and it still does it till this day, it’s not illegal.

I think everyone knows that Google is no longer the company it set out to be a few years ago. There is widespread sentiment that it’s now a monopoly abusing its power and engaging in the same bullying tactics we saw from Microsoft in its heyday.

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WordPress 2.7 Beta 1 Released: Very Promising

November 2, 2008

WordPress 2.7 Beta 1 has been released, with a Release Candidate probably due on Nov 10 and a final by the end of the month. This new version is very promising, and is much more usable than the older one. I read their previous blog entries about how they got some usability testing done. I can’t wait for it!

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